The birth of TechxGeek, a startup with Tech DNA


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TechXGeek founder used basic office supplies and construction materials to produce protective visor. The first batch of 400 visors were made under 8 hrs. All visors were donated to the front line heroes fighting COVID-19.

Aerial Screw by Da Vinci


Over 31 years after the T.O of the first human powered (emission free) helicopter, TechXGeek filed first propulsion related utility patent for our UAM! This is all very exciting!

Quote from Wikipedia "

Da Vinci III

On 10 December 1989, the California Polytechnic State University Da Vinci III flew for 7.1 seconds and reached a height of 20 cm.[5] The Da Vinci III is considered the first recorded human-powered helicopter flight."

Our commitment to ZERO Emission


According to ICAO, the current aviation carbon footprint is at 600 megatons annually. The increase of demand for aviation will push the carbon footprint over 1700 megatons by 2040. The advancement of new aircraft technology can offset the carbon footprint trend to 1200 megatons for 2040. It is clear that there is no clear roadmap for aviation industry to decarbonize for 2050. We have to act now!

New patent to rise funding for the startup


A new utility patent was filed for a method of secure contactless card method. This alternative low cost secure contactless card will serve as the transitional solution until the deployment of the biometric contactless card.

Trade maker registration with CIPO


I am excited to announce that TechXgeek trade marker application is filed with CIPO.

Exciting news! TechXGeek now has 4 novel configurations of E-VTOL in progress! 1 vectored thrust, 1 lift and cruise, 1 wingless rotorcraft with pusher prop, and 1 wingless rotorcraft.


Exciting news again! A new utility patent for 2 long-range EVTOL configurations is filed with USPTO!

Moreover, a seamless air-to-ground conceptual vehicle is also at work!

3D Render will come soon!


The arrival of the wheel and the arrival of the internal combustion engine were the two major evolution for On-demand Mobility throughout the course of humanity. Today, we are about to experience the next evolution with UAM (Urban Air Mobility).


We are now exploring the potential of a novel design path for hoverbike. Also, proud to present our new logo!


We are very excited to announce that Gen4 EVTOL will be Urban JET (Jungle Escape Transportation)!


We are very excited to announce that Gen4 eVTOL will be a jet!

We are very excited to announce that Gen5 EVTOL will be a mini bus flying over the rainbow!!