Frequently asked questions

What is the payload?

2 to 6 seaters or cargo.

What is the power source for the propulsion system?

Electrical Battery or H2 Fuel Cell.

What is the name of the UAM?

Frist model is called Amelia, the second model is called Marie, 3rd model is called Ada, and 4th model is called Hedy. The names are selected to recognize great women throughout history.

Reference: Amelia Earhart, Marie Cure, Ada Lovelace, Hedy Lamarr

What are the advantages you have over the other UAM?

At TechXGeek, we believe multiple designs are needed to cover all niche areas of the market, unlike automobile design with 4 wheels and doors dominated the market. Rotorcraft, Tilt Wing, Lift+Cruise, Tilt prop or Gyrocopter VTOL aircraft all have advantages and disadvantages for particular missions. Therefore, we are focused on developing multiple novel configurations of E-VTOL aircraft. For example, we have a light duty wingless rotorcraft with high hover lift efficiency for short urban mission. Second example, we have a vectored thrust rotorcraft and a lift + cruise rotorcraft configuration for intracity mission. And finally, we have a novel ultra-fast cruising speed E-VTOL aircraft configuration for city to city hopping.

What is the development milestone?

In 2022, a full-scale propulsion system built for flight tests.