Frequently asked questions

What is the payload?

Typical eVTOL has 2 to 6 seats or cargo. Our eVTOL mini bus A²M² (Advanced Air Mass Mobility) will debut with 16 executive seats.

What is the power source for the propulsion system?

Electrical Battery or H2 Fuel Cell.

What is the name of the EVTOL?

1st gen: Wingless E-copter is called Amelia, 2nd gen: Lift + Cruise multirotor is called Marie, 3rd gen: Lift + vectored thrust multirotor is called Ada, 4th gen: Lift + Cruise JET (Jungle Escape Transportation) called Hedy. The 5th gen:  flying minibus is called Emily.  The 6th gen, Lift + vectored thrust multirotor is called Alice.  Finally, 7th  Gen, a light 2 seaters  is called Ella. These names are selected to recognize great women throughout history.

Reference: Amelia Earhart, Marie Curie, Ada Lovelace, Hedy Lamarr, Emily Carr, Alice Coachman, Ella Fitzgerald

What are the advantages you have over the other EVTOL?

At TechXGeek, we believe that multiple designs are needed to cover every niche area of the UAM market. Unlike a single design of 4 wheels and one engine dominates the automobile world.  For example, Rotorcraft, Tilt Wing, Lift+Cruise, Vectored thrust or Gyrocopter VTOL aircraft all have advantages and disadvantages for particular missions. Therefore, we are focused on developing multiple novel configurations of eVTOL aircraft. For example, we have a light-duty wingless rotorcraft with high hover lift efficiency for short urban missions. In the second example, we have a vectored thrust rotorcraft and a lift + cruise rotorcraft configuration for an intracity mission. And finally, we have an ultra-fast lift-cruise eVTOL aircraft configuration for a city to another city hopping. 

What is the development milestone?

For 2022, a soft public debut and new office space, the ongoing effort to secure a footprint on the IP landscape.

By 2023a modeling of the propulsion system and Open-Source flight simulator. 

Where are we today?

The ongoing process to acquire new talents.

Funds gathering from the private sector and public agencies.